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Managing Director: Joaquim de Matos

Ons Team:

Wallonie/Brussel:  Hans Van der Gracht
Vlaanderen:             Bart De Pauw
Internal Sales:         André Wyns

Service, naverkoop: André Wyns

Sales & Marketing Support: Filip de Matos

Onderdelen en administratie: Els Van Deuren

Onze Producten:

NEMO® Excentrische Wormpompen
TORNADO® Lobbenpompen
NOTOS® Schroefspindelpompen

Statement on Corona Virus


Dear business partner,

The management of NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH views the development of the corona virus at home and abroad with great interest on a daily basis. The situation surrounding the corona crisis in Bavaria and the region is becoming increasingly acute. The German borders with France, Austria and Switzerland have been closed. The freight routes in Europe are still open and a supply from China is functioning smoothly again.  In the meantime, the Robert Koch Institute has classified the danger of the coronavirus for the population as high and a disaster has been declared in Bavaria.

Extensive measures are being implemented at NETZSCH to protect the health of our employees, visitors, suppliers and customers:

  • A crisis management team has been established with the task of conducting a daily situation and risk assessment and, if necessary, determining further necessary measures
  • Restricted access for external visitors to the most necessary, and questionnaires for visitors, service providers, contractors
  • Forwarders, truck drivers and delivery services are only allowed to move around our plants with restrictions
  • Employees have a duty to report symptoms and contact with infected persons to their superiors, or when returning from risk areas, whether after a business or private trip
  • Business trips to risk areas are currently prohibited.
  • Customer visits and service assignments according to individual decisions
  • Home office as far as possible for all appropriate administrative functions
  • Separation in time and space for staff required on site
  • Instructions for Meetings and Discussions
  • Reeorganization of shifts and spatial separation during the transfer of shifts
  • Adaptation of the canteens in Plant I and Plant II and additional cleaning teams are in operation.

The above measures will remain in force until further notice.

We are pleased to inform you that the implementation of our emergency plan, which is being carried out in full and absolute compliance with all recommendations of the responsible local authorities as well as the WHO and the RKI, currently ensures the very satisfactory operation and functions of NETZSCH.

We wish you much strength for this extraordinary time and hope that you, your relatives and colleagues will remain healthy.



Addtitional information for external companies (issue 02.04.2020)